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Yeah, that's about how I feel right now. Sooooo much homework left to do and only one more day to do it. I have to write notes for a chapter and a half of history and I have a math test to study for. Why did I do this to myself? Oh, yeah. A better life and all that jazz.

I just wish it would start sooner than later.

At least I got my raise. ;)

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My first day back was a success! I woke up on time, made it to class early, stayed awake through both my classes (including my Math class which I didn't think would be possible), and actually enjoyed myself! I knew I'd like it though; I like school and I like learning new things.

Of course, I have an absolute ton of homework, but that's all part of college.

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I was stressing about how to afford my books for school, and my boyfriend suprised me by buying them himself! What a sweet guy!

So excited about school starting. I hope I can stay awake in those 3 hour classes. Yikes.

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I have to buy my books today. The college bookstore is going to be a zoo, but there's no getting around it. I found my algebra book from a few years back, and I think I can just use that one, as long as it is the same edition. I guess I'll find out when I get there today.

Unfortunately, no word on whether I'm getting a raise or not. As it is, I'm going to have to charge my books today which I really didn't want to do, but I am absolutely broke and I can't really do homework without any books. It's all so frustrating.

I also found out that the the girl that was just hired who doesn't know how to do anything and for whom I've been picking up the slack and stressing myself out over is making quite a bit more than I am. WTF???? Also, our receptionist is making just $50 less a paycheck than I am, which makes me think that I'm getting walked all over. But, I also know that our accounts are low right now, so since everyone else got raises recently, they can't even afford to give me one. I'm so upset about this, I almost cried at work. Pathetic, huh?

I can't wait for school to start. As if work and money weren't stressing me out enough, let's pile on classes and homework. Argh!

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Only one week left until school starts. I'm nervous/excited. I haven't bought any of my books yet, but I'm planning on doing that Monday, maybe. We'll see.

The other day I felt myself getting down about not having finished school yet. The I thought to myself, whether I go to school or not, in one year, a year will have gone by. Why not be able to look back on that year and see that I've accomplished something? I'm trying to stay motivated. Just because I'm 25, it doesn't mean my life is over. Not even close! How did I start thinking that if I don't become the person I want to be before I'm 30, then I suddenly lose worth?

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An Article written by George D. Kuh about college visits, and what to look for in a good school:

Getting the Most Mileage Out of the College Campus Tour

High school students and their families have begun the spring / summer college tour circuit, checking out the places they're considering. Where to go to college is a big decision, one of the most important a young person makes. And with close to a million students starting college every fall, the campus visit is serious business for both prospective students and institutions.

The best campus visits are those where both the student and the college get a sense of whether the match is worth pursuing. Although both parties are well intentioned, most visits fall far short of their potential. This is because prospective students and parents don't ask the right questions and end up settling for the information that institutions routinely provide. Does it really matter how many books are in the library (after all, how many can any one student read?)? Or how many faculty members have Ph.D.s (which says nothing about their ability to teach)? Or how many stair-step machines are in the recreation center (forsaking cars and elevators would have the same effect)? Students can be surrounded by impressive resources, but not use them, or rarely encounter classes or other activities that truly lead to the skills and competencies they need to survive and thrive after college.

Many research studies show that what matters most to a high quality undergraduate experience is whether students engage in a variety of educationally sound activities, inside and outside the classroom. The engagement premise is simple, even self-evident: The more students study a subject, the more they learn about it. Likewise, the more students practice and get feedback on their writing, analyzing, or problem solving, the more adept they become. And the more experience they have with people from different backgrounds, the more sensitive, comfortable and effective they will be when working with such people. Simply put, the more engaging the college, the more students learn.

Surprisingly, students hear almost nothing about learning or levels of
engagement when they visit campuses. But they can find out by asking certain questions of tour guides, admissions staff, faculty members, and currently enrolled students. Answers to the following questions will reveal things about a college that they won't probably discover otherwise.

How much reading and writing is assigned in the first year? What are the assignments like more challenging than boring? How often do students make presentations in class, or meet with faculty members outside of class? Are students encouraged to work together to solve problems or work on projects? In what ways is information technology used in the classroom? How does the college help students learn about different cultures and perspectives? Who do students talk with about career plans? How many students apply what they are learning in class to real-life settings through internships and community service? How many students participate in honors courses, learning communities, and work with a faculty member on a research project? And does the college require some sort of senior capstone experience a chance to pull together and make meaning of what one has learned during college?

These are the kinds of questions that can reveal matters of educational substance and style that reflect the educational quality of a college. The answers will give students a more realistic basis on which to compare institutions. Equally important, the more often students engage in the activities the questions point to, the more they'll learn. And finding that out before deciding where to go to college is well worth the effort.

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No updates lately, but that's ok because I don't think anyone but me reads these journal entries on a regular basis. Yes, I re-read my journal entries on a regular basis. Yes, I am lame.

Now that that is out in the open, I'd like to share something with you. With me. Well, whatever.

I absolutely, positively cannot stand the Bush administration. To the point that if I were to be approached by Bush himself (or as a beloved blogger friend of mine calls him: Captin Bunnypants), I would not mince words, not that I usually do.

I would tell him what I think of his lying to the American people, the ones that supposedly voted him into office and trusted him with our nation and all it's laws. I would tell him that though war may be a grim reality in protecting the freedom of this country and all the people in it, he's forgotten about the people in it. We have rights, and no matter how many times he tells the press that unlawful security checks and unlawful intrusions of privacy are necessary to keep the country safe, I don't buy it.

And he will say back to me "Marriage is between a man and a woman."

Ok, I made that last part up. He can't talk in complete sentences. Everyone knows that.

And that ends the incoherent ramblings of a 20 something college student. For now.

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Funny. I think I'm going to get a raise, and then I don't. I know when I deserve a raise and when I don't, and I definitely deserve a raise. I do at least 3 people's jobs on a day to day basis, and I'm only getting paid for one of those jobs I do. I'd be happy with even a 5K a year increase. I'm not asking for anything big. I just want a tiny bit more money to juggle around here.

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Hooray!!!! I was finally able to register for my classes, and thanks to Discover Card, I was also able to pay for them!

Classes start at the end of August. I can't wait!!!
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